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We take a unique approach to what you’re looking to do, not only now, but in the long term and come up with a lender who will fit your goals and concept for a long-term relationship. It is all about setting up the right foundations to build on, for your future needs and goals.

Founder / Advisor


Naveet the founder of The Olive Group started this business to ensure clients are getting the best overall outcome based on their personal situation. With over 20+yrs in the finance industry plus a savvy investor and homeowner, not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk. When not at work you will find Naveet cleaning his car / down at the pub or hanging with his kids & wifey (as he likes to say).

Practice Manager / Client Services Manager


Desiree has over 20years of experience in the finance industry. She comes to us with some awesome experience and a “how do we help this client into a home” attitude. When Desiree is not working, she is the CEO of her household and keeps the 3 boys in her life in line. That includes Naveet!

Customer Care


Joben is our go-to guy. He makes our life a lot easier by assisting with integral back-office work, this keeps things running smoothly and ensures that you are receiving the best customer care possible. When not at work or indulging himself with hobbies. He is a busy big brother to his 3 brothers and helping around the house. Never has there been a day without something to do - I guess that's a good thing!

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Naveet Prasad
Financial Adviser

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