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Our job is to understand what you want and then see what we can do based on your unique financial position.

First home buyers

Our role as a mortgage adviser is to make the home loan process as smooth as possible. When wanting to secure finance, it’s hard to know where to start. An adviser can help guide you through the process and provide you with information and support to help you make the right decision when it comes to your loan.

Let’s have a chat

In plain English, lets understand what you want in the ideal world, then we can work out your goals, your current financial position, and your borrowing power – this will help us to narrow down the kind of loans you’re after.

Understand what’s possible

Because you’re an individual that makes you unique to us and not just another number or client. After we understand the above, we will present a few loan options to you. You choose one, we then get to work – preparing and submitting your loan application to your chosen lender.

Getting the green light (pre-approval)

Depending on lender turnaround times, if all goes well, within a few days you’ll get the green light to borrow a set amount for a set time (usually valid for 60-90days). This gives you a clear idea of what you can spend – and everything you need to make an offer on a property.

Found a property and made an offer (formal approval)

Finding a property and making an offer is the hard bit. Now that you’ve done that we can move ahead with the approval and/or any conditions associated with it. This is where we help as much as possible by taking as much as we can off your plate. During this part of the process, your property will be accepted by the bank, we can assist in organising your valuation (if required), insurance will be provided, and if all goes well you can go unconditional (this means its official, you’re on track to own your own home).

Paperwork (yay!)

Unfortunately, a necessary evil, after your loan is declared unconditional, if we haven’t already we will discuss your loan structure to suit your individual needs based on yours goals (as above) and needs.

Once this is firmed up, we get on to organising the official loan agreements to be sent to you lawyer for signing

Settlement – The big day 

In this final step, we will coordinate the lead-up to settlement with you and your solicitor. Signed documents are signed and sent back to the lender and the funds from the lender are transferred (via lawyers) to the seller. Then you get the keys. Time to celebrate – the property is now yours!

After settlement / Relationship Management

Because we value you, we won’t just “do your loan” and forget about you. Loan products and rates are changing all the time, so will be in touch at least once a year (or at your next loan review) to make sure the loan that was originally set up for you is still competitive and is assisting you in achieving your financial goals.

More options for you:

Loan restructure / Refix / Loan renewal

Whatever you call it, when your fixed rate loan is coming up for renewal, we get in touch with you (yes, we call you, you don’t call the bank and sit on hold) with market research in hand, as to what the market is currently offering on fixed terms and what your lender is offering. This allows us to run some numbers and make sure your getting the best deal

Investment property

Different lenders have different ways to look at investment properties so whether it’s your first investment property or 10th, we will take a look at your options available across all the lenders we work with

Construction loans

Labour only, Fixed price, Turn key / Off the plans, who has the best policy/process?

Once we know what you would like to do, we as your adviser will research the lenders we work with to come up with the best lender based on your needs. 

Development Loans

Looking at doing a development? Ever wondered how developers get funding for projects? If you are looking at doing a development get in touch we have access to some very competitive lenders 

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